Laszlo Dancehall – Gave up

The day has come, ‘Gave up’ has finally been released officially. But before we get to the good part, let me talk about the other two songs that are found on the release too. ‘Manley Harrision’ is a dark techy song driven by a deep synth chord and ominous vocals. It has a nice ‘big city’ vibe to it and is a perfect track to wind down to. ‘Ain’t no time’ is a mix between the housyness of ‘Gave up’ and the deep techno of ‘Manley Harrison’. Typical house percussions: a prominent 909 beat, filters and reverses; a simple yet groovy chord line and catchy filler vocals. Now finally, the track that got me hooked the first time I listened to one of Xxxy’s mixes on his soundcloud, ‘Gave up’. What do I like so much about this song? Is it the raucous kick? Is it the because of the wild and uplifting chords or bright and radiant hats? Well, it’s because of all that really and it’s just an amazingly simple song yet it is full of joy and happiness.

As always, you can listen to the release with the Juno link at the bottom. If you like it, I may give you a preview link for full tracks and if you can’t stop dancing to it, spend a bit of money and buy it.

I’m also trying to post more regularly, like one to two posts a week from now on, mainly around weekends.


Artist: Laszlo Dancehall

Label: Man make music

Genre: Deep house, techno

Release: May 2013

    1. Gave up
    2. Ain’t no time
    3. Manley Harrison


Juno Records


ManMakeMusic Facebook

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