Lone – Galaxy Garden review

lonegalaxygardenLone, also known as Matt Cutler, is an electronic producer from Manchester. From the humble beginnings of his first album ‘Everything is changing colour’ in 2007 with gauzy synth pads and ambient sonic landscapes his sound has evolved by a tenfold to an even more organic sound. The result is his new album ‘Galaxy garden’, released in the spring of 2012.

“I kind of imagine a huge outdoor gathering in a rainforest looking up at space from the ground. An almost artificial, tropical paradise at night. So it was just about making the soundtrack for that basically.“ – Matt Cutler on the album

He magically fuses sounds of Detroit techno, Chicago house and 90s UK rave into a single LP. For me this album has the ability to take me back to my childhood memories: running through the forest on a warm summer day, playing with friends and feeling like nothing can stop you from having fun. Lone has this rapturous talent to give his songs the feeling of unbound happiness, and this album makes you especially feel alive. The feeling this album gives you is what makes his music different from every other producer that I have ever listened to. ‘Galaxy garden’ works in almost every setting: whether it is played at a club, at home, in the car, as background music in an office or when going for a run. It is energetic, relaxing and simply unbelievable.

But it is not a perfect album. I think this album tries too hard to be sumptuous and lustrous. There need to be filler tracks that take away the constant high of luxuri-ousness the tracks have to them. It needs shorter tracks that aren’t put on lush-sounding steroids to make the listener appreciate the next song more. I am not talking about the beatless songs such as ‘Dragon blue eyes’ or ‘Stands tidal waves’, which seem to just slow down the album, just two or three tracks that have a deeper and less shiny and polished feel to them.

Genre: Electronic, hip-hop
Style: Acid house, breaks, deep house, bass music
Label: R & S Records
Year: 2012

    New colour 4:37
    The animal pattern 4:25
    As a child 5:24
    Lying in the reeds 4:31
    Dragon blues eyes 1:08
    Crystal caverns 1991 4:51
    Raindance 4:21
    Dream girl / Sky surfer 5:20
    Earth’s lungs 4:18
    Cthulhu 4:26
    Stands tidal waves 1:47
    Spirals 5:29
2 Responses to “Lone – Galaxy Garden review”
  1. Baloo says:

    Is theworldisdaft’s blog dead too? Man you and Solid Goldberger were two of the first House blogs I started looking at, I’ll never forget first downloading the Daft Punk Live @ Arches first from here. Start posting music again!

    • Not quite dead, I just don’t have the time to post about music on a daily/weekly basis due to my degree. Hopefully once that it finished later this year I’ll have some spare time again.
      The Daft Punk hype has also died down for me and I find myself rarely listening to them again 😦

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