Miami Noize 2013

With my studies almost finished for the year I am happy to tell you that I will have more time again to post some more music on here. I’m also moving back to Germany at the end of March to hopefully live in Berlin at some point in the near future. Enough of me, more … Continue reading

& down

This will be my last post for a while and it’s a good one! I’m off to Germany for a couple of weeks on Wednesday and won’t be posting much or anything at all until I’m back, make sure you get your requests in while I’m gone. This is one of the big singles from … Continue reading


The name ‘John Starlight’ may not mean much to you but the name ‘Zombie Nation’ may. This was one of the very early releases on Boys Noize’s boysnoize records, which went on to become one of the more successful techno/house labels of today. Artist: John Starlight Genre: Electro house, techno Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Shadowbreaker … Continue reading

Waves remake/Remaking waves

This EP tells you the story on how Mr. Gonzales made the cover of Erol Alkan & Boys Noize’s ‘Waves’. The piano cover is really chilled and laid-back. The second track is just Gonzales talking about how he came to making the cover. Artist: Chilly Gonzales, Erol Alkan & Boys Noize Genre: Modern Classical Release: … Continue reading

Mr. Oizo @ Electric Nightflight

Once again Mr. Oizo does it again. His sets are simply amazing. The track selection as well as the mixing of the songs. Live @ Electric nightflight Mixed by: Mr. Oizo Genre: Electro house, fidget, disco, chiptune Tracklist: 1. Devo – Devo Corporate Anthem 2. Mr. Oizo – Pourriture X 3. Altern8 – Frequency [R!M!E! … Continue reading

Waves/Death suite

Two banging tracks are to be found on this vinyl. This release makes up for the Alex’s ‘Power’ album with was not as effective as his first album ‘Oi Oi Oi’. Waves/Death Suite Album Artist: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize Genre: Electro house, acid Release: 2009 Tracklist: Waves [right click to download]Death suite [right click … Continue reading

This is acid

‘This is acid’ and the Boys Noize edit have never been released on an EP before. This original has a classic acid bassline and synths while Boys Noize makes some sort of vocal edit and adds a synth to it that the most of you might know from live sets by Mr. Alexander Ridha. 100 … Continue reading


909D1sco is another alias of Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize. This EP was a white label release probably because the samples didn’t get clearance. Donnerstag/Alien Attakk Album Artist: 909D1sco Genre: Electro house Release: 2006 Tracklist: Donnerstag [right click to download]Alien Attakk [right click to download]

Oh yes!

More Boys Noize! This time you get the original song with its wierd intro and end part, Feadz’ ‘Aval Aval’ mix which uses the riff of the original as a bassline (Ohh yes!) and a remix by Para One. Lava Lava Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: House, electro Release: 2007 Tracklist: Lava Lava [right click … Continue reading

Kill the Kid

Today I will post some Boys Noize! Kill the Kid is definitely my favourite tune of this EP with its sticky bassline and random 8-bit noises. E-Bong is more of a technoid tune and War sounds like it is a minimal remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’. Kill the Kid Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: Electro, … Continue reading