09/17 2007

Following 09/16 2007 he transports us to a different jungle, an urban one this time. New EP, new setting, just as you go up a level in video games, which have always inspired Danger. 09/17 2007 Album Artist: Danger Genre: Electro House Release: 2010 Tracklist: 4h30 [right click to download]3h11 [right click to download]3h16 [right … Continue reading

09/14 2007

Franck Rivoire is Danger, an electronic musician from Lyon, France. He expands on the 80s action-film sounds of Kavinsky and takes them into mysterious territories. Powerful compositions that evoke a landscape that belongs equally in an Amiga video game and to a fictional animated film involving explorers deep in South American jungles stumbling upon a … Continue reading