What about this love

I can’t believe I haven’t posted any music from Mr. Fingers on here, any of you that like to listen to ‘house music’ sound know him from his track ‘Can you feel it’. Remixed by Masters at Work, this is deep garage house at its best. Artist: Mr. Fingers Genre: Deep house, garage house Release: … Continue reading

MAW war/mack saddy shoot

This is the last (I think) release I need to post from Kenlou aka Masters at Work. I don’t have anything planned to post for next week so drop me a line with whatever tickles your fancy, my email is on the right. Tomorrow though, you’ll get something from my personal vinyl collection. Artist: Kenlou … Continue reading

The bounce/Gimme groove

I’m almost done with posting the Kenlou releases by the masters Kenny Gonzalez and Louie Vega. If there is anyone that can be called the ‘king of house’ it would be these two guys, simply because the amount of high quality work they have put out is unequalled in the house style. Artist: Kenlou II … Continue reading

Moonshine/Hillbilly song

The follow-up to their well-known ‘What a sensation’ EP. This is one of those EPs that you can never forget, it may it be because of the melodies of their two songs, it may be because of the deep percussive house breaks cleverly woven into the structure of the tracks or the soulful background synth … Continue reading

Around the World – Ricanstructed by Masters at Work

Around the World but Masters at Work style: Expect remixes nothing like the original. I have also been thinking of turning this blog private seeing that the download stats are high compared to the number of subscribers. I don’t want this blog to end up as ‘just another download blog’, if you like this music … Continue reading

What a sensation

Working on a new layout for posts here, tell me what you think. Today I give you Kenlou’s third EP: ‘What a Sensation’, and what a sensation it is. Artist: Kenlou III Genre: House, tribal Release: 1995 Tracklist: 1. What a sensation Vocals by India and an amazing synth line that is kept throughout the … Continue reading

Thru the skies

Fifth single by Kenlou. As the title says this song makes you feel like you are flying ‘thru the skies’. Hugely atmospheric synths were used by Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Vega. Tribal drums and the shakers in the intro make this song perfect to relax to and with the runtime of over 17 minutes it … Continue reading

Live @ The Arches

This set is a must listen for every Daft Punk fan! Each track in this set will keep you dancing all night long. Live @ The Arches Mixed by: Daft Punk Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Daft Punk – Daftendirekt 2. Daft Punk – WDPK 83.7 FM 3. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean 4. DJ Funk … Continue reading

Boys Noize Essential Mix

One of the most eagerly anticipated Essential Mix’s of recent times, Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha, took to the decks to provide us with 2 hours that he promises is mixed mainly on vinyl. It is somewhat surprising that the mix includes none of his own productions. Instead we are treated to a journey that … Continue reading