Lone – Galaxy Garden review

Lone, also known as Matt Cutler, is an electronic producer from Manchester. From the humble beginnings of his first album ‘Everything is changing colour’ in 2007 with gauzy synth pads and ambient sonic landscapes his sound has evolved by a tenfold to an even more organic sound. The result is his new album ‘Galaxy garden’, … Continue reading

Midland – Placement remixes

The original is tech house, the remixes are from Lone and Motor City Drum Ensemble, expect nothing like the original. Lone’s mix is very similar to the original yet he manages to add his own sound of it. Not exactly what I expected form Lone but not a bad remix. Now to the other remix, … Continue reading

Lone – Crystal Caverns 1991

‘Pineapple crush’ was the song that got me listening to Lone, so it’s no surprise ‘Crystal caverns 1991’ is the next chapter in Lone’s conquest to revive the Manchester warehouse sound. Sampling stabs from the infamous Stafford duo Altern 8, Lone fuses oldskool vibes with his calm atmospheric synths and nostalgic melodies to make a … Continue reading

Lone – Galaxy garden

Lone’s upcoming album, from the teaser it already sounds amazing, just like all his other music. Watch the video below with the sound off, imagine the music to it, imagine the sound of the colours and the abstract shapes. Watch it again with the sound on and you’ll notice they work perfectly together. The album … Continue reading

The seasons change

I post you some more Lone. This guy is just pure awesome when it comes to music. This mix showcases some of this trip-hop and downtempo songs more than his recent dancefloor oriented ones. Do listen if you want to discover some amazing new music that has never been made like this before. Mixed by: … Continue reading

Emerald fantasy tracks

Having some trouble uploading things right now and I don’t see that fixing itself soon so instead I’ll just write about some albums I’ve been enjoying in the past few weeks. First up is Lone’s most recent album titled ‘Emerald fantasy tracks’. This one is more house flavoured compared to his previous works which were … Continue reading


If you don’t know Lone then you are missing out. He is one of the more exciting producers to come out of the recent years, his style fuses influences from acid house, techno, Chicago house, oldskool rave, funk, downtempo and countless other styles. If there is one word that can describe his music it would … Continue reading

Another christmas special

Imagine if there was music so lush, so full of joy, so bright, so colourful, so warm that you would be immersed in it after the first second the music hits your ears. Welcome to the world of Lone. His music has infinite joy embedded in it’s melodies, influences come from the best of house, … Continue reading