Live @ the Bunker

This is my favourite essential mix of the ones Daft Punk did. Live @ the Bunker Mixed by: Daft Punk Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Daft Punk – Essential Info 2. Paul Johnson – Hear The Music 3. Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena [JOHNICkennydopeMastermix] 4. CZR – Chicago Southside 5. DJ Kom – Git … Continue reading

More Motorbass action

Oops, I’m terribly sorry for forgetting to do a post on saturday. But anyway, this time we are back with the deep funk legends Motorbass from France. This is (sadly) their only album but it is filled with goodness. If you appreciate funky French house then you must have a listen now! Pansoul Album Artist: … Continue reading

1st EP

As the name says this is the 1st EP by the house legends Motorbass. 1st EP Album Artist: Motorbass Genre: House Release: 1993 Tracklist: Visine Deux trente trois Stereogramm gelato Tournerie vibratoire D.T.T. – Zray mix Preview

Before Daft Punk…

Before Daft Punk there was Motorbass. For anyone not knowing who these guys are please kick yourself in the face after you read this post. Motorbass consists of Etienne de Crécy, a man who needs no intro, and Zdar of Cassius. This EP is only half, hence the name, of the Transphunk EP. 1/2 Transphunk … Continue reading

Some stuff

Here are some tracks I found in my library that some of you might not have heard very often. This track was played by Daft Punk in their mix @ Cameo once and I haven’t heard it since. Wackside – Turtle Funk [right click to download] Haven’t heard that one have you… This track wasn’t … Continue reading

New Header!

Today I managed to make a new header for this blog to replace the old one which I made in a matter of seconds. The theme as you all might know is Daft Punk’s song Around the World. Around the World – Limited Edition Album Artist: Daft Punk Genre: House Release: 1997 Tracklist: 1. Around … Continue reading

Around the World!

Daft Punk’s best known song from the album Homework. Definitely a timeless house classic. Around the World Album Artist: Daft Punk Genre: House Release: 1997 Tracklist: 1. Around the World [Radio Edit] 2. Around the World [Album Version] 3. Teachers [Extended Mix] 4. Around the World [Motorbass Vice Remix] Download: