You are in for a treat today. As the title says this is a selection of various works by Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain from his first album ‘Boulevard’ and some early songs from the follow up ‘From Detroit to St. Germain’. Usually I don’t waffle on about the songs too much but this is … Continue reading

Music for the soul

This is Ludovic Navarre’s first EP under the name St. Germain. All tracks on this EP are very soulful and deeply chilled tracks. ‘First time’ and ‘Funky attack’ stand out to me on the release as the most soulful songs, may it be the synths, may it be the vocal snippets. Whatever, all tracks are … Continue reading

Alabama Blues

I first heard Todd’s Dub version of this track in the Arches set by Daft Punk and after that I knew I had to get it. Both of Todd’s remixes are very upbeat. Side A is more about the deep and relaxing stuff. Enjoy! Alabama Blues Album Artist: St. Germain Genre: Deep, Garage House Release: … Continue reading

Live @ The Arches

This set is a must listen for every Daft Punk fan! Each track in this set will keep you dancing all night long. Live @ The Arches Mixed by: Daft Punk Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Daft Punk – Daftendirekt 2. Daft Punk – WDPK 83.7 FM 3. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean 4. DJ Funk … Continue reading

Live @ Paradiso

This is the set played by Cassius & Together for the Astralwerks party @ Paradiso somewhere is the Netherlands.  Live @ Paradiso Mixed by: Cassius & Together Genre: House Tracklist: 1. New Order – Blue Monday 2. David Guetta – Just for one day 3. Prince – Let’s Go Crazy 4. Lifelike – Black Chess … Continue reading