Worth It

Here is a little EP from Zombie Nation’s own label UKW featuring the album track ‘Worth it’ and the techny b side ‘Sick is the new healthy’. Artist: Zombie Nation Genre: Electro house Release: 2009 Tracklist: 1. Worth it If you like Zombie Nation there is no way of avoiding this song. Brilliant build up … Continue reading


The name ‘John Starlight’ may not mean much to you but the name ‘Zombie Nation’ may. This was one of the very early releases on Boys Noize’s boysnoize records, which went on to become one of the more successful techno/house labels of today. Artist: John Starlight Genre: Electro house, techno Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Shadowbreaker … Continue reading


This is a classic and there is no doubt about it. Since this single was released Zombie Nation was picked up by DJ Hell, the owner of International Deejay Gigolo Records. The track samples the melody of an old Commodore 64 game called ‘Lazy Jones’ during ‘Stardust’ level. The sing-along factor of this song helped … Continue reading

And now for something interesting

We all know Proxy for his evil basslines and ravey synths. Earlier this year he was playing at Coachella and dropped a huge amount of yet-to-be released tracks from his forthcoming album. If you like his earlier singles such as ‘Decoy’ and ‘Dance in the Dark’ this album will literally blow your brains out. ‘Indian … Continue reading

Justice Essential Mix

The first essential mix by the French electro house duo Justice on BBC’s Radio 1. Mixing 70 tracks in just two hours, keeping the energy and flow from each track is a hard thing to master but these two have mastered that art. Essential Mix – 06-10-07 Mixed By: Justice Release: 2007 Genre: French rock, … Continue reading