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8 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Erick Solorzano says:


    i am a huge fan of yours i have gone into producing and i have used many of the samples you have used i was wondering if you could give me some advice to spice up my music im trying to make french house and i use ableton live 8.1.4 i hope its not too much trouble for you

    • Who is Thomas? Producing French house or house music in general is about keeping the listener interested in your music. Add a few variations to your mix like filters and breakdown parts.

      • Erick Solorzano says:

        who made this blog?

        i use filters and breakdows i just cant get a clen repitition

        • I made this blog and my name is not Thomas 🙂
          In ableton its quite easy to get your samples looping properly. Do you use the sampler for this?

  2. daftfanatic2012 (from TDC) says:

    hey man whats up with the daft club?

    i cant go on to the site

    • It seems to work fine for me

  3. Peter says:

    Gday…I can’t get some of the links to work. Are the tracks and mixes still being hosted?

    • Which ones are you talking about? If the streaming links don’t work it means wordpress took them down but I may still have them. Same goes for .zip files

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