I stumbled upon Thomas Bangalter’s music by accident but since that day I fell in love with it.
So here is a Best Of from the french record label Roulé which as you all know Bangalter created himself.


Album Artist: Thomas Bangalter
Release: Unofficial (last track was released in 2005)
Genre: French House


    1. Call on Me[Fine Touch Mix]
    2. Call on Me
    3.  Colossus
    4.  Falling in Love
    5.  First
    6.  Graceland
    7.  Happy go Lucky
    8.  Honeymoon
    9.  New New York
    10.  Outrun
    11.  Rock Shock
    12.  Roulè Boulè
    13.  So Much  Love To Give[Duprè Pump Mix]
    14.  So Much  Love To Give
    15.  Together
    16.  Turbo
    17.  Unplugged
    18. Untitled
    19. Ventura/Into the Tunnel
    20. Vertigo

Download removed

6 Responses to “Roulé”
  1. Benoit says:

    Man this website is cool!
    I can not dl this roulé best of unfortunately but i just listened to the buffallo bunch mix and it’s really awesome, thank you guys for bringing all that stuff

  2. DB says:

    Can anyone post again the download link? it’s not available anymore…

  3. Chaywie says:

    No the link is dead

  4. New link please!! Nice site, congratulations!! 😀

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