Git down saturday night

This record is rare only because there weren’t enough copies made. It sells for around $100-$250 on Discogs which is a heavy price for two tracks. Dance 6 Album Artist: DJ Kom Genre: House, disco Release: 1997 Tracklist: Git down saturday night [right click to download]And da beat goes… [right click to download]

Daft Punk – Live @ the Red Box, Dublin Oct. 1997 – MISSING BOOTLEG

To anyone reading this, Daft Punk once did a tour in 1997 called the ‘Daftendirekt Tour’ which was later renamed to ‘Alive 1997’ and a 45-minute excerpt from the Que Club in Birmingham was put on a CD. Now, they also played at lots of other venues including Rex Club and Red Box in Dublin. … Continue reading