Harder, better, faster, stronger

Here it is! Saturdays post, I wasn’t able to do one on Thursday because I was in a plane most of the day. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Album Artist: Daft Punk Genre: House Release: 2001 Tracklist: Harder, better, faster, stronger [right click to download]Harder, better, faster, stronger – Breakers Break Mix [right click to download]Harder, … Continue reading

Rare remixes?

Are the remixes of ‘Face to Face’ rare? Not if you own a copy of the Daft Club remix album or the actual 12”. So enjoy these not-very-rare remixes. At the end of the post you will find the very rare but not on the EP Todd Edward remix. Face to Face Album Artist: Daft … Continue reading

Digital Love

Are there any songs on ‘Discovery’ that are not about love? No, and this one proves it. If you listen to the A side you get the main song as well as the dub version of it. On the B side you get the awesome ‘Aerodynamic’ and the wonderfully progressive ‘Aerodynamite’. Digital Love Album Artist: … Continue reading


Aerodynamic is an ingenious song in the way that it keeps you rapt and listening the entire time. From a simple guitar riff to a flying solo, to a beautiful synth melody…. it’s just awesome. Aerodynamite is a bit simpler but still interesting with a riff that gets everyone’s groove on. Aerodynamic Album Artist: Daft … Continue reading

remind, remind, remind, remind me

And everywhere I go, there is always something to remind me… Another great track coming by Röyksopp from Norway featuring a riff that sends a shiver down your back, a piano solo that is out of this world and an uncredited sample by Jimmy McGriff’s The Worm. The radio edit by Someone Else keeps the … Continue reading