Lone – Crystal Caverns 1991

‘Pineapple crush’ was the song that got me listening to Lone, so it’s no surprise ‘Crystal caverns 1991’ is the next chapter in Lone’s conquest to revive the Manchester warehouse sound. Sampling stabs from the infamous Stafford duo Altern 8, Lone fuses oldskool vibes with his calm atmospheric synths and nostalgic melodies to make a … Continue reading

The Hacker – Shockwave

There is a video on YouTube of Gesaffelstein playing his remix of this song, that remix is the only reason why you should get this single. It is mind blowing, fusing modern day techno with classic Anasthasia stabs of the rave era. Even though that remix overshadows all the other songs it doesn’t mean they … Continue reading

The Journey Home

Drexciya, masters of Detroit techno. This is one of my favourites of their work. Kraftwerk influenced techno as far as your ears can hear it, spacy 303 synths and a hint of nostalgia make this record one of the best I have ever listened to. I’ve been looking of more music to post from my … Continue reading


Back to posting lovely house music from you guys. Today, you’ll get some deep, clubby acid-infused house songs from Glenn Underground. Get your requests in so I can post music you need. Artist: Glenn Underground Genre: Deep house, acid, techno Release: 1996 Tracklist: 1. The Wheel Chicago meets deep house. 2. in the midst This … Continue reading

Velvet tracks

Here is a 1994 classic EP from Green Velvet featuring the track ‘The preacher man’. I added a little feature on the right sidebar that tells you the upcoming post topics I chose for this week (just above the flag counter if you still can’t find it). This is how it will work, I’m going … Continue reading

One world one future

This album has it’s place in house history as Armando’s only album. He released it just before he died of leukemia. Armando Gallop was one of the more creative and imaginative Chicago house producers of the time, producing one quality track after another. This album is no exception, if you like house music do yourself … Continue reading

Cocaine speaking

This EP is one of the most well-known ones in house music circles. “Phuture was me and two other guys, Spanky and Herbert J. We had this Roland 303, which was a bassline machine, and we were trying to figure out how to use it. When we switched it on, that acid sound was already … Continue reading


If you don’t know Lone then you are missing out. He is one of the more exciting producers to come out of the recent years, his style fuses influences from acid house, techno, Chicago house, oldskool rave, funk, downtempo and countless other styles. If there is one word that can describe his music it would … Continue reading

Every time I look into your eyes I see the future

This was one of the first songs I heard by Tiga Sontag, and what a song this is. If you are a fan of Proxy you might enjoy this EP. Artist: Tiga Genre: Electro house, acid Release: 2008 Preview: Mind dimension 1 It starts off with simple 4×4 beat but you only find out how … Continue reading


This is a fairly minimal approach by Tomboy at a latin influenced house track. The last third of this song are the best. Samba! Album Artist: Tomboy Genre: Acid, tech house Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Samba! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?aymctxy67mojdpc