Lone – Galaxy garden

Lone’s upcoming album, from the teaser it already sounds amazing, just like all his other music. Watch the video below with the sound off, imagine the music to it, imagine the sound of the colours and the abstract shapes. Watch it again with the sound on and you’ll notice they work perfectly together. The album … Continue reading

Another christmas special

Imagine if there was music so lush, so full of joy, so bright, so colourful, so warm that you would be immersed in it after the first second the music hits your ears. Welcome to the world of Lone. His music has infinite joy embedded in it’s melodies, influences come from the best of house, … Continue reading

Poor leno

This was the song that got me into their two Norwegian guys in the first place. One of the best tracks to just kick back and relax to. Artist: Röyksopp Genre: Deep house, downtempo, tech house, house Release: 2001 Preview: Poor leno – Edit Shorter and edited version of the original. Poor leno – Jakatta … Continue reading

Some polyphony

I don’t want to write much about this EP, because a written review can sometimes ruin the experience of listening. Let’s just say that this was Petter’s last release, and that it can be found in my selectively small vinyl collection. Artist: Petter Genre: Minimal, tech house, ambient, experimental Release: 2004 Tracklist: 1. Some Polyphony … Continue reading

remind, remind, remind, remind me

And everywhere I go, there is always something to remind me… Another great track coming by Röyksopp from Norway featuring a riff that sends a shiver down your back, a piano solo that is out of this world and an uncredited sample by Jimmy McGriff’s The Worm. The radio edit by Someone Else keeps the … Continue reading


This song is not usually heard on the radio but more often in the background of montages and ad’s. Bjørn Torske’s remix brings is an even lighter tune than the original era while Röyksopp’s Night Out is a groovy seven-and-a-half-minute track. Eple Album Artist: Röyksopp Release: 2001 Genre: Ambient Electronica Tracklist: 1. Eple 2. Eple … Continue reading