Been waiting for a post? There weren’t any this weekend because I wasn’t feeling in the mood and I was too tired. Good excuse for not posting? I think yes! Anyway, Shadow Dancer has been releasing several singles/EPs and an album on the famous Boysnoize records label with big success from around the world. If … Continue reading


The name ‘John Starlight’ may not mean much to you but the name ‘Zombie Nation’ may. This was one of the very early releases on Boys Noize’s boysnoize records, which went on to become one of the more successful techno/house labels of today. Artist: John Starlight Genre: Electro house, techno Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Shadowbreaker … Continue reading

Wake up

A very nice release by the two Frenchmen Anthony Ferrando and Jean-Patrick Simonetti. Wake up Album Artist: Les Petits Pilous Genre: Electro house Release: 2008 Tracklist: 1. Wake up 2. Housi 3. Going techno Download:

Kill the Kid

Today I will post some Boys Noize! Kill the Kid is definitely my favourite tune of this EP with its sticky bassline and random 8-bit noises. E-Bong is more of a technoid tune and War sounds like it is a minimal remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’. Kill the Kid Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: Electro, … Continue reading

Don’t believe the Hype

Don’t believe the Hype – Now with 2 remixes by Surkin. Get it before the Boys Noize nazis remove it! Don’t Believe the Hype Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: Electro House Release: 2007 Tracklist: Don’t belive the Hype [right click to download]Don’t believe the Hype – Surkin Mix #1 [right click to download]Don’t belive the … Continue reading