Lone – Galaxy Garden review

Lone, also known as Matt Cutler, is an electronic producer from Manchester. From the humble beginnings of his first album ‘Everything is changing colour’ in 2007 with gauzy synth pads and ambient sonic landscapes his sound has evolved by a tenfold to an even more organic sound. The result is his new album ‘Galaxy garden’, … Continue reading


This is the unofficial Digitalism EP I’ve been looking for a while now. The songs you will find here do sound a little like them but there is no proof that it is actually them having produced the songs. Artist: Digitalism Genre: House, breaks, deep house Release: 2003+ Tracklist: 1. Digitalism This is a cover … Continue reading

Yellow brick/Raar

This is the first release on Noisia’s new Division label for their more house oriented songs. This is a great two track EP with both sides living up to their usual drum and bass oriented tuneage. ‘Yellow brick’ is a rather ‘yellow’ song, which gives you a happy and uplifting feeling if you listen to … Continue reading


One of Quentin’s first releases on the French Ed Banger label is right on target. ‘Patrickk122’ is the track to watch out for on this EP, a song based on a sample of ‘Do It at the Disco’ by Gary’s Gang. Transexual/Patrick122 Album Artist: Mr. Oizo Genre: House, electro, future jazz, experimental, breaks Release: 2007 … Continue reading

‘Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin…

…he’s a real…he’s a real jerk.’ Is Quentin Dupieux a jerk for creating this song? Some call it too repetitive, some call say it took him no effort to make. Those are all the haters of this great song. Apparently this is the first ever fidget house track produced and it’s a classic dancefloor hit. … Continue reading