Miami Noize 2013

With my studies almost finished for the year I am happy to tell you that I will have more time again to post some more music on here. I’m also moving back to Germany at the end of March to hopefully live in Berlin at some point in the near future. Enough of me, more … Continue reading

Mr. Oizo – Stade 3

Mr. Oizo’s new EP, fresh off ‘Stade 2’. The sound is a mix between his older downbeat 110 BPM and his newer instruments and synthesizers. He also launched his new website which has all his info, discography, tour dates etc. on it. Flat Eric also makes an appearance in the teaser video for the … Continue reading

& down

This will be my last post for a while and it’s a good one! I’m off to Germany for a couple of weeks on Wednesday and won’t be posting much or anything at all until I’m back, make sure you get your requests in while I’m gone. This is one of the big singles from … Continue reading

The Operator

Gesaffelstein, what else is there to say? He has been making it big this year with releases on the mighty Turbo label with support from anyone that really matters. Before he released his techno tunes he did more italo-disco influenced music on some minor label such as Zone. This EP does bring the 80’s back … Continue reading

Worth It

Here is a little EP from Zombie Nation’s own label UKW featuring the album track ‘Worth it’ and the techny b side ‘Sick is the new healthy’. Artist: Zombie Nation Genre: Electro house Release: 2009 Tracklist: 1. Worth it If you like Zombie Nation there is no way of avoiding this song. Brilliant build up … Continue reading


Been waiting for a post? There weren’t any this weekend because I wasn’t feeling in the mood and I was too tired. Good excuse for not posting? I think yes! Anyway, Shadow Dancer has been releasing several singles/EPs and an album on the famous Boysnoize records label with big success from around the world. If … Continue reading


One of my favourite release of the French Institubes (R.I.P.) label. Sadly it went under just a couple of weeks ago. The Marble label was then set up to cater for the artists signed to it. Check out Das Glow & Strip Steve’s ‘Clacium’ release on BNR Trax for some seriously head-banging techno. This release … Continue reading


The name ‘John Starlight’ may not mean much to you but the name ‘Zombie Nation’ may. This was one of the very early releases on Boys Noize’s boysnoize records, which went on to become one of the more successful techno/house labels of today. Artist: John Starlight Genre: Electro house, techno Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Shadowbreaker … Continue reading


2008 saw the last EP released by SebastiAn. In 2010 he released the soundtrack to his movie Notre Jour Viendra, there are rumors that in 2011 he will drop his first album. This release has once again heavy guitar riffs, glitchy beats and bending basslines. All of which only SebastiAn could create. Artist: SebastiAn Genre: … Continue reading


Yep, I’m back to posting your favourite music after a short holiday in the sun. Here is another release from Kitsuné, the French-Japanese label for releasing solid tunes ranging from house to downtempo lounge music. Artist: The Whip Genre: Electro house Release: 2007 Tracklist: 1. Divebomb People should know this song. It has been featured … Continue reading