Last post for this week, I’m off to play at a festival on Friday. Today you’ll get more house music from Joey Jeremiah. His track ‘Beatem up’ was tracklisted by many big producers and djs back in ’99/’00, mostly by the funky house crews that dominated the clubs back then. Artist: Joey Jeremiah Genre: House … Continue reading

Make your body turn around

I haven’t posted a lot of music from the funkier sides of house lately, mostly because I haven’t listened to a lot in the past few weeks. But anyway, this EP has a lot to offer, from funky loops to deep house pads to vocoded vocals. Got any requests for next week? Let me know … Continue reading

Le piano bar

Very relaxing songs by Fabrice Texier aka Fafa Monteco. Not so much for the dancefloor but rather to kick back to and relax. Want to write posts here about music you like? get in touch with me. Artist: Fafa Monteco Genre: Funky house Release: 1999 Tracklist: 1. Le piano bar Groovy bassline, ‘ha’ vocals and … Continue reading

What you gonna do baby?

Funk Legacy have only released this EP on the Vertigo label. Members are Davis Mouyal and Romain Tranchart of Modjo fame. Want to write posts here? Contact me about it or your song fetishes. Artist: Funk Legacy Genre: Funky house Release: 1999 Tracklist: 1. What you gonna do baby? – Remix If the original is … Continue reading

Back in the days

You might not have heard any of these songs on this EP and they might not seem attractive at first. But they will grow on you eventually and then you start craving more of Eric Dorgal and Fabrice Texier’s work. It’s just that good. Back in the days Album Artist: Def Bond & Fafa Monteco … Continue reading

Cassius & Together

A while back I posted the live sets by Cassius & Together @ Paradiso in Amsterdam. That was an incomplete set which was missing a big chunk of songs in the middle part. I found someone who has the complete set. Mixed by: Cassius & Together Genre: House Download: Part 1: Part 2:

Danse Avec Les Loops

If you went to club that play this kind of music you will get a feeling of instant recognition when you listen to this EP for the first time. This is funky disco house at its best. ‘Bells compressor’ and ‘Get away’ are the stand-out tracks on this EP. Danse Avec Les Loops Album Artist: … Continue reading

More Motorbass action

Oops, I’m terribly sorry for forgetting to do a post on saturday. But anyway, this time we are back with the deep funk legends Motorbass from France. This is (sadly) their only album but it is filled with goodness. If you appreciate funky French house then you must have a listen now! Pansoul Album Artist: … Continue reading


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