Computer Graphics – Synthavision

Just found this, voluptuous EP from a prodigious diminutive label based in Washington DC, specializing in bass-heavy opulent tunes ranging from grime to UK garage to fidgety 80s electro house and anything in between. Lately I’ve had a penchant for sensuous and fresh music but this one hits the spot perfectly. From the deep grooves … Continue reading

Love thang

Took a week off from posting, hope you don’t mind. Back with more garage house from the Strictly Rhythm label. If there is one label that still exists today that puts out real house music it has to be this one. If you own any of the records released on this label you own a … Continue reading

MAW war/mack saddy shoot

This is the last (I think) release I need to post from Kenlou aka Masters at Work. I don’t have anything planned to post for next week so drop me a line with whatever tickles your fancy, my email is on the right. Tomorrow though, you’ll get something from my personal vinyl collection. Artist: Kenlou … Continue reading