Lone – Crystal Caverns 1991

‘Pineapple crush’ was the song that got me listening to Lone, so it’s no surprise ‘Crystal caverns 1991’ is the next chapter in Lone’s conquest to revive the Manchester warehouse sound. Sampling stabs from the infamous Stafford duo Altern 8, Lone fuses oldskool vibes with his calm atmospheric synths and nostalgic melodies to make a … Continue reading

Kashii – House culture

Randomly found this record while browsing the selection of Fatboy Slim’s southern fried label, hard to imagine this label has been releasing fine music for almost 20 years. Deep house had it’s peak around the millennium but it’s always nice seeing new artists stepping up and releasing truly melancholic sounds from back then today. This … Continue reading

Lone – Galaxy garden

Lone’s upcoming album, from the teaser it already sounds amazing, just like all his other music. Watch the video below with the sound off, imagine the music to it, imagine the sound of the colours and the abstract shapes. Watch it again with the sound on and you’ll notice they work perfectly together. The album … Continue reading

The Hacker – Shockwave

There is a video on YouTube of Gesaffelstein playing his remix of this song, that remix is the only reason why you should get this single. It is mind blowing, fusing modern day techno with classic Anasthasia stabs of the rave era. Even though that remix overshadows all the other songs it doesn’t mean they … Continue reading

Xxxy – Everything

While randomly browsing soundcloud I found this nifty little label and Xxxy. Juicy house music with downtempo and UK funky thrown in the mix. ‘Everything’ is filled with joyous pianos, bright synths and soulful vocals. The next track ‘I know this’ has a more sinister feeling to it, yet it remains a light song with … Continue reading

Viadrina – Itʻs ok

Just recently stumbled across these guys, they make deep house; the good old kind. The originals are Chicago influenced dance floor gems you should not miss out on. Deep piano chords, 909 percussion, catchy vocals and lots more. Listen for yourself. The remixes arenʻt that bad either; Kool Dekʻs remix adds more of that 80ʻs … Continue reading

Neon Jung – Delirium tremens

Back! Neon Jung is one of Lone’s close musical friends, their sound is very similar: lush synths, tropical old-skool percussion and unbelievably colourful soundscapes. Neon Jung has released one other release on the same label last year in spring, this one follows in its footsteps. Nathan Fake’s remix takes the original stumpy baseline away and … Continue reading

The whistle song

Summer is almost upon those who live where I do, and this is probably one of the best songs for summer. Frankie Knuckle’s ‘Whistle song’ is one of his more famous works. Back when house music was young and almost every song was something new, this song stood out from the rest. This is no … Continue reading

If I lose my woman/Days like this

Garage house again, epic remixes by Kenny and Louie. Even though these guys have produced hundreds of remixes in their time all of them are top-notch quality sound and production wise. Hats off to the true masters of house music. Artist: Kenny Lattimore Genre: Garage house, jazz dance, house Release: 1998 Tracklist: 1. If I … Continue reading


Last post for this week, I’m off to play at a festival on Friday. Today you’ll get more house music from Joey Jeremiah. His track ‘Beatem up’ was tracklisted by many big producers and djs back in ’99/’00, mostly by the funky house crews that dominated the clubs back then. Artist: Joey Jeremiah Genre: House … Continue reading