Prime time of your life

Here is the last single from the ‘Human after all’ album by Thomas and Guy-Manuel. The original song should be well known to everyone especially if you have heard the awesome Alive 2007 version. The Para One remix add a bit of glitchyness to it. The Erol Alkan and Digitalism add with their remixes their … Continue reading

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it….

This song is about different basic computer functions. Along with the original you get the radio edit as well as three (3) remixes by Vitalic, Basement Jaxx and the Peaches. The first two (2) are the better of them as the Peaches remix is just a really poor attempt at a remix. Technologic Album Artist: … Continue reading

Robot Rock

Some say it’s too repetitive and Daft Punk has basically ripped off Breakwater by creating this song. Haters again…play this at any club and the owners need to replace the dancefloor the next day. Robot Rock Album Artist: Daft Punk Genre: House, electro Release: 2005 Tracklist: Rockapella [right click to download]Robot Rock – Daft Punk … Continue reading

Human after all

Very different from their earlier works is their ‘Human after all’ album. This is a single with remixes by Justice, Alter Ego, SebastiAn and Digitalism. I need your opinion on the new page, there is an option to change the colours to a darker theme. So which do you prefer? Human after all Album Artist: … Continue reading

Technologic Breaks and Beats

This is basically Daft Punk’s Technologic torn to bits. Enjoy! Technologic Breaks and Beats Album Artist: Daft Punk Release: 2005 Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Beat 1 2. Beat 2 3. Beat Loop 1 4. Beat Loop 2 5. Beat Loop 3 6. Beat Loop 4 7. Beat Loop 5 8. Beat Loop 6 9. Beat … Continue reading