One of my favourite release of the French Institubes (R.I.P.) label. Sadly it went under just a couple of weeks ago. The Marble label was then set up to cater for the artists signed to it. Check out Das Glow & Strip Steve’s ‘Clacium’ release on BNR Trax for some seriously head-banging techno. This release … Continue reading

To the bobmobile!

‘To the bobmobile!’ is Bobmo’s first single, this includes a remix from Bulldog & Kazey. This young fellow is on a mission to bring the French touch to the world. Interested in writing about the music you like on this blog? Send me an email! Artist: Bobmo Genre: Electro house Release: 2008 Tracklist: 1. To … Continue reading


The first EP by Damien Granier. It is just epic. Listen to Weiss Gaz and you know what I mean. Weiss Gaz Album Artist: Das Glow Genre: Electro, house, minimal Release: 2007 Tracklist: Cathédrale [right click to download]Weiss Gaz [right click to download]Vulcanice [right click to download] If you like the music posted here please … Continue reading