Another snowstorm is brewing at right now, time to warm up with some Cajmere! Who doesn’t like to warm up to some big Chicago beats, bleeps and crazy synths? There is plenty of that right here on this EP. Artist: Cajmere Genre: House Release: 1998 Tracklist: 1. Feelin’ In 1998 you would think the Chicago … Continue reading

Live @ The Arches

This set is a must listen for every Daft Punk fan! Each track in this set will keep you dancing all night long. Live @ The Arches Mixed by: Daft Punk Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Daft Punk – Daftendirekt 2. Daft Punk – WDPK 83.7 FM 3. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean 4. DJ Funk … Continue reading

Daft Punk – Live @ the Red Box, Dublin Oct. 1997 – MISSING BOOTLEG

To anyone reading this, Daft Punk once did a tour in 1997 called the ‘Daftendirekt Tour’ which was later renamed to ‘Alive 1997’ and a 45-minute excerpt from the Que Club in Birmingham was put on a CD. Now, they also played at lots of other venues including Rex Club and Red Box in Dublin. … Continue reading

Live @ Rex Club Paris

This bootleg is brought to you by the sound mechanic who got fired from Rex Club after this recording leaked. Thank you! Live @ Rex Club Album Artist: Daft Punk Release: 1997 Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Alive 2. Musique 3. Teachers [Extended Mix] 4. Da Funk 5. Ten minutes of Funk 6. Phoenix 7. Rollin’ … Continue reading