Here is a little EP from Audion I think is really nice. Enjoy! Artist: Audion Genre: Techno, minimal techno Release: 2004 Tracklist: 1. Kisses Catchy filtered bass loop! The bass, with some earbleeding synths work perfectly with the kicks and claps of various drum machines. When you think this song is done it starts all … Continue reading

Shonky in the Hood

Only recently released, this cut sounds as if it was produced back when techno just emerged. If you don’t know who Robert Hood is please kick yourself in the face. He is one of the leading figures of the early Detroit techno sound an emphasis on soul and experimentation in his music. Having released countless … Continue reading

Velvet tracks

Here is a 1994 classic EP from Green Velvet featuring the track ‘The preacher man’. I added a little feature on the right sidebar that tells you the upcoming post topics I chose for this week (just above the flag counter if you still can’t find it). This is how it will work, I’m going … Continue reading

Ghetto style

Here is another one from my vinyl collection. DJ Funk’s ‘Ghetto Style’ EP featuring ‘Work it’ and other acid-ghetto tracks. If you want me to post anything from my amazingly huge vinyl collection just ask me and I might just post it here. Feel free to browse it here. Artist: DJ Funk Genre: Acid house, … Continue reading

One world one future

This album has it’s place in house history as Armando’s only album. He released it just before he died of leukemia. Armando Gallop was one of the more creative and imaginative Chicago house producers of the time, producing one quality track after another. This album is no exception, if you like house music do yourself … Continue reading


This is the first EP released on Berlin’s BPitch Control label by Paul Kalkbrenner under his ‘Paul dB+’ alias. All of these songs are based on short minimal samples that are looped for the duration of the track with minor changes to the drum loop and the melodies. Even though the layout is minimal these … Continue reading

It’s Only Music

The first EP by Berlin’s Fuckpony. Deep yet playful minimal house that likely sobered those über cool German producers and fankids that take their passion a little too seriously… It’s only music! Artist: Fuckpony Genre: House, Minimal Release: 2006 Tracklist: 1. It’s Only Music The title track delivers some fine lines. A casual monologue rides some deep … Continue reading


The first EP by Damien Granier. It is just epic. Listen to Weiss Gaz and you know what I mean. Weiss Gaz Album Artist: Das Glow Genre: Electro, house, minimal Release: 2007 Tracklist: Cathédrale [right click to download]Weiss Gaz [right click to download]Vulcanice [right click to download] If you like the music posted here please … Continue reading

Tour de France

Kraftwerk captures the feeling of the race perfectly with his soundtrack. All tracks slowly build into each other which gives the album a nice mixed feel. Tour de France Album Artist: Kraftwerk Genre: Electro, house, tech house, minimal Release: 2003 Tracklist: Prologue [right click to download]Tour de France ‘Etape 1 [right click to download]Tour de … Continue reading