I get lifted

I’m back with some more deep and garage house music. Barbara Tucker is an underground New York house/garage producer who has landed various hits during the 90’s. ‘I get lifted’ is one of them. If you want more music of a particular genre or sub-genre posted here feel free to drop us a line. Artist: … Continue reading

Music for the soul

This is Ludovic Navarre’s first EP under the name St. Germain. All tracks on this EP are very soulful and deeply chilled tracks. ‘First time’ and ‘Funky attack’ stand out to me on the release as the most soulful songs, may it be the synths, may it be the vocal snippets. Whatever, all tracks are … Continue reading


This poll will run until the May 14, after that I will look at the results and post accordingly. Each week I will remove the style with the lowest score to spice up the competition. So get voting!