Lone – Galaxy Garden review

Lone, also known as Matt Cutler, is an electronic producer from Manchester. From the humble beginnings of his first album ‘Everything is changing colour’ in 2007 with gauzy synth pads and ambient sonic landscapes his sound has evolved by a tenfold to an even more organic sound. The result is his new album ‘Galaxy garden’, … Continue reading

Head High – Burning

To be honest, I was looking forward more to this than the new Daft Punk album. Listen for yourself. Artist: Head High Label: Power House Genre: Techno, house Release: May 2013 1. Burning – Keep calm mix 2. Keep on talking – Dirt mix 3. Burning – Keep it… mix Links Juno Records Facebook Shed

Laszlo Dancehall – Gave up

The day has come, ‘Gave up’ has finally been released officially. But before we get to the good part, let me talk about the other two songs that are found on the release too. ‘Manley Harrision’ is a dark techy song driven by a deep synth chord and ominous vocals. It has a nice ‘big … Continue reading

Miami Noize 2013

With my studies almost finished for the year I am happy to tell you that I will have more time again to post some more music on here. I’m also moving back to Germany at the end of March to hopefully live in Berlin at some point in the near future. Enough of me, more … Continue reading

FaltyDL – Hardcourage/Our house stab

Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL is back with a new EP. Fusing dubby techno, oldskool rave stabs and deep house chords effortlessly in this release, FaltyDL has created yet another two signature tunes for him. ‘Hardcourage’ is laid-back with an eerie bassline, mysterious stabs and reggae-like percussion. But the song that really was the cause of … Continue reading

WK7/Head High – Do it yourself/Rave

Been busy moving house in the last couple of weeks and I apologize for not posting a lot. But this should change because this here is a post. I post this because the former editor of this blog ‘glass’ keeps posting these lovely techno videos and mixes on facebook of which I can’t get enough … Continue reading

Duke Dumont – For club play only, part 1

The duke is back! Hot off his ZZT remix he brings us another big single. ‘Street walker’ is a song about prostitutes, big bass drums and an amazing synth line. ‘Thunder clap’ is exactly what Tiga’s Turbo label is famous for. Huge techno kicks and percussion, grinding rhythms and just general awesomeness. For the last … Continue reading

Joy Orbison & Boddika – Dun dun/Prone

Deep techno incoming! Second release of Joy Orbison and Boddika on their label SunkLo, so far so good. ‘Dun dun’ is a dark track with an eerie mood to it, big kick drums and filtered stabs set an unnerving atmosphere. Half way through the stab sequence progresses into a less dark pattern with finished the … Continue reading

Shadow Dancer – Second city

We are blessed with some new Shadow Dancer! Filled with futuristic deep techno and some 80’s electro, this EP is as amazing as it can get. You’ll find some warehouse techno from the 90’s in ‘Second city’ and ‘Jamma’, some electro in ‘Mashine code’ and some more modern techno in ‘Voice tracer’. BNR releases always … Continue reading

Lone – Crystal Caverns 1991

‘Pineapple crush’ was the song that got me listening to Lone, so it’s no surprise ‘Crystal caverns 1991’ is the next chapter in Lone’s conquest to revive the Manchester warehouse sound. Sampling stabs from the infamous Stafford duo Altern 8, Lone fuses oldskool vibes with his calm atmospheric synths and nostalgic melodies to make a … Continue reading