Around the World – Ricanstructed by Masters at Work

Around the World but Masters at Work style: Expect remixes nothing like the original. I have also been thinking of turning this blog private seeing that the download stats are high compared to the number of subscribers. I don’t want this blog to end up as ‘just another download blog’, if you like this music … Continue reading

What a sensation

Working on a new layout for posts here, tell me what you think. Today I give you Kenlou’s third EP: ‘What a Sensation’, and what a sensation it is. Artist: Kenlou III Genre: House, tribal Release: 1995 Tracklist: 1. What a sensation Vocals by India and an amazing synth line that is kept throughout the … Continue reading

Thru the skies

Fifth single by Kenlou. As the title says this song makes you feel like you are flying ‘thru the skies’. Hugely atmospheric synths were used by Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Vega. Tribal drums and the shakers in the intro make this song perfect to relax to and with the runtime of over 17 minutes it … Continue reading

Aquastep B

Don’t you love when you can’t come up with good song names and you just call them toast? Early 90’s Belgian producers-trio made up of Koenie van Immerseel, Sebastien Kalonji, Sven van Hees seemed to be in this situation. They are also the creators on the Wonka Beats label. This is only the B side … Continue reading