Submerse – Tears

In the mood for some organic and earthy tunes? Look no further, this is all you need! Warm bass, joyful vocals, slow beats and bright synths are always a good mix to relax to. Signed to a label that only releases organic sounding music and this sounds like it fits right in. Submerse has a … Continue reading

Colo – Midday sun

Now this is fresh! Found this after browsing around Xxxy’s soundcloud page. Once more we have colorful synths, soulful vocal bleeps, mellow baselines and eerily beautiful soundscapes. Nostalgic melodies mixed slow percussion are always a good way to make laid-back and relaxing music but Colo takes it a step further. Sadly though, the first two … Continue reading

The seasons change

I post you some more Lone. This guy is just pure awesome when it comes to music. This mix showcases some of this trip-hop and downtempo songs more than his recent dancefloor oriented ones. Do listen if you want to discover some amazing new music that has never been made like this before. Mixed by: … Continue reading

Melody A.M.

This is Röyksopp’s first album released under that name. If you know some background info on the members you should be familiar with names like ‘Drum Island’, ‘Aedena Cycle’ and ‘Alanïa’. This is by far my favourite album from them so far. Why? Because this album can be used effectively in a variety of situations … Continue reading

Another christmas special

Imagine if there was music so lush, so full of joy, so bright, so colourful, so warm that you would be immersed in it after the first second the music hits your ears. Welcome to the world of Lone. His music has infinite joy embedded in it’s melodies, influences come from the best of house, … Continue reading

More change than Obama

As you might have noticed I changed some things on this site like the theme and the header. I also added a chat widget where you can chat with me and other readers. I added a few links to popular posts just below the header and poll is also back for you to vote on. … Continue reading