Happy 200k!

I hit 200000 views on this blog on the weekend, time to celebrate eh? Again, I post more UK funky releases, there is something about that genre that no other can quite mimic: lax pads, disperse vocals, twisted basslines and untold atmospheres. That is probably the best way to describe this EP in one sentence. … Continue reading

Computer Graphics – Synthavision

Just found this, voluptuous EP from a prodigious diminutive label based in Washington DC, specializing in bass-heavy opulent tunes ranging from grime to UK garage to fidgety 80s electro house and anything in between. Lately I’ve had a penchant for sensuous and fresh music but this one hits the spot perfectly. From the deep grooves … Continue reading

FaltyDL – Hardcourage/Our house stab

Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL is back with a new EP. Fusing dubby techno, oldskool rave stabs and deep house chords effortlessly in this release, FaltyDL has created yet another two signature tunes for him. ‘Hardcourage’ is laid-back with an eerie bassline, mysterious stabs and reggae-like percussion. But the song that really was the cause of … Continue reading

Bwana – Can’t you just/This is real

“Bwana, a 20 year-old producer hailing from Toronto and currently residing in Leeds first hit our radar with his Ciara sampling underground bass hit “Baby, let me finish” and soon after released “Over & done” a 12” EP of classic R&B vocal samples alongside melodic, bass-infused backdrops. We’re excited to present his latest single “Can’t … Continue reading

Xxxy – Everything

While randomly browsing soundcloud I found this nifty little label and Xxxy. Juicy house music with downtempo and UK funky thrown in the mix. ‘Everything’ is filled with joyous pianos, bright synths and soulful vocals. The next track ‘I know this’ has a more sinister feeling to it, yet it remains a light song with … Continue reading

Neon Jung – Delirium tremens

Back! Neon Jung is one of Lone’s close musical friends, their sound is very similar: lush synths, tropical old-skool percussion and unbelievably colourful soundscapes. Neon Jung has released one other release on the same label last year in spring, this one follows in its footsteps. Nathan Fake’s remix takes the original stumpy baseline away and … Continue reading