I want to wake up with you/12 volts

A great addition to Alan Braxe’s Vulture label is Das Glow’s ‘I want to wake up with you/12 volts’ EP. Artist: Das Glow Genre: Disco, electro house Release: 2009 Preview: I want to wake up with you [right click to download]Based on a sample of “I Want To Wake Up With You” by Boris Gardiner … Continue reading


The first EP by Damien Granier. It is just epic. Listen to Weiss Gaz and you know what I mean. Weiss Gaz Album Artist: Das Glow Genre: Electro, house, minimal Release: 2007 Tracklist: Cathédrale [right click to download]Weiss Gaz [right click to download]Vulcanice [right click to download] If you like the music posted here please … Continue reading