The groove I have

This is the only Paul Johnson album I own on vinyl. The style of this album is a little different from all the other ones he released. An emphasis on more funky and melodic songs was made on this album compared to the hard hitting Chicago style beats he used a lot on his previous LPs. Even tough this album is different from what you know he sounded like, this album has a very nice selection of funky, uplifting sounds that will make you bounce all over the club or living room – where ever you decide to listen to these songs.

On the A-side we have some funked up Chicago house music.
The B-side lets us find loungy house songs with sexy guitar and piano lines.
The C-side gives us a flashback into the sound what Paul used to produce at the beginning of his career.
And finally, the D-side, it is overflowing with looped samples and bass grooves.


Artist: Paul Johnson
Genre: House
Release: 1999

    1. I’m gonna dance tonight
    2. It’s a love thang
    3. The groove I have
    4. The way he plays
    5. House illusion
    6. The groove goes on
    7. The party horn
    8. Caliente musica
    9. The good times
    10. Get get down


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  1. Baloo says:

    You forgot to post the link.

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