What about this love

I can’t believe I haven’t posted any music from Mr. Fingers on here, any of you that like to listen to ‘house music’ sound know him from his track ‘Can you feel it’. Remixed by Masters at Work, this is deep garage house at its best. Artist: Mr. Fingers Genre: Deep house, garage house Release: … Continue reading

It’s alright I feel it

Garage house is possibly one of my favourite styles of the classic house genre. It has everything a great house genre needs: diva vocals, piano hooks, mellow pads, bouncy basslines and amazing percussion. Also, don’t forget to send me requests of releases to post if you like to see them up here, if not, you … Continue reading

Waterfalls/Feel it

What an amazing release this is, deep, garagy soulful house music at its best! I’m not going to say much about this one, simply because it is that amazing and I think you should listen to it and hear for yourself what I’m on about. Artist: After Hours Genre: Garage house, deep house Release: 1993 … Continue reading

Love thang

Took a week off from posting, hope you don’t mind. Back with more garage house from the Strictly Rhythm label. If there is one label that still exists today that puts out real house music it has to be this one. If you own any of the records released on this label you own a … Continue reading

MAW war/mack saddy shoot

This is the last (I think) release I need to post from Kenlou aka Masters at Work. I don’t have anything planned to post for next week so drop me a line with whatever tickles your fancy, my email is on the right. Tomorrow though, you’ll get something from my personal vinyl collection. Artist: Kenlou … Continue reading

The bounce/Gimme groove

I’m almost done with posting the Kenlou releases by the masters Kenny Gonzalez and Louie Vega. If there is anyone that can be called the ‘king of house’ it would be these two guys, simply because the amount of high quality work they have put out is unequalled in the house style. Artist: Kenlou II … Continue reading

Wall of sound

This 12″ pretty much sums up everything what ‘house’ is all about. Listen to these songs and you will know what I mean by that. This is definitely one vinyl you must have in your collection if you love house music. If not, it’s still a good one to have. Artist: Mood II Swing Genre: … Continue reading


Another vinyl single from my amazingly huge collection of stuff. What amazes me about this release is that it got re-released ten years after it was originally released and it still sounded fresh at that time and still does today. Artist: The Todd Terry Project Genre: House Release: 1998 Tracklist: 1. Weekend – Extended club … Continue reading

Moonshine/Hillbilly song

The follow-up to their well-known ‘What a sensation’ EP. This is one of those EPs that you can never forget, it may it be because of the melodies of their two songs, it may be because of the deep percussive house breaks cleverly woven into the structure of the tracks or the soulful background synth … Continue reading

I get lifted

I’m back with some more deep and garage house music. Barbara Tucker is an underground New York house/garage producer who has landed various hits during the 90’s. ‘I get lifted’ is one of them. If you want more music of a particular genre or sub-genre posted here feel free to drop us a line. Artist: … Continue reading