Laszlo Dancehall – Gave up

The day has come, ‘Gave up’ has finally been released officially. But before we get to the good part, let me talk about the other two songs that are found on the release too. ‘Manley Harrision’ is a dark techy song driven by a deep synth chord and ominous vocals. It has a nice ‘big … Continue reading

Fred Everything – Brothers & sisters/Legacy

Soothing deep house, what else could you want? The PM atlantic and the AM pacific version of the song ‘Brothers & sisters’ are perfect songs to alleviate after anything disquieting. The PM atlantic is the upbeat and exuberant version while the AM pacific version has a hint of 80s italo-disco to it. Artist: Fred Everything … Continue reading

FaltyDL – Hardcourage/Our house stab

Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL is back with a new EP. Fusing dubby techno, oldskool rave stabs and deep house chords effortlessly in this release, FaltyDL has created yet another two signature tunes for him. ‘Hardcourage’ is laid-back with an eerie bassline, mysterious stabs and reggae-like percussion. But the song that really was the cause of … Continue reading

Huxley – Out of the box

Who doesn’t love deep house? Deep kicks, soulful melodies, pianos, driving basslines….the list goes on. For me the best deep house tunes are from the late 90s and early 00s but every now and then something like this comes along and blows your mind. This whole EP has roots from garage and deep Chicago house … Continue reading

Midland – Placement remixes

The original is tech house, the remixes are from Lone and Motor City Drum Ensemble, expect nothing like the original. Lone’s mix is very similar to the original yet he manages to add his own sound of it. Not exactly what I expected form Lone but not a bad remix. Now to the other remix, … Continue reading

Kashii – House culture

Randomly found this record while browsing the selection of Fatboy Slim’s southern fried label, hard to imagine this label has been releasing fine music for almost 20 years. Deep house had it’s peak around the millennium but it’s always nice seeing new artists stepping up and releasing truly melancholic sounds from back then today. This … Continue reading

Viadrina – Itʻs ok

Just recently stumbled across these guys, they make deep house; the good old kind. The originals are Chicago influenced dance floor gems you should not miss out on. Deep piano chords, 909 percussion, catchy vocals and lots more. Listen for yourself. The remixes arenʻt that bad either; Kool Dekʻs remix adds more of that 80ʻs … Continue reading

What about this love

I can’t believe I haven’t posted any music from Mr. Fingers on here, any of you that like to listen to ‘house music’ sound know him from his track ‘Can you feel it’. Remixed by Masters at Work, this is deep garage house at its best. Artist: Mr. Fingers Genre: Deep house, garage house Release: … Continue reading

Limited gear

I recently found out about this label and instantly fell in love with the tracks released on it. Timeless house music at its best! This is the first release of many other great house-filled records that will blow you away. Pulling sounds from Chicago to Berlin, San Soda has definitely found his sound in the … Continue reading

The chronicles noir

Most of you might not know Tony, for those that know his music you know what it’s all about. His music should not be overlooked, deep techno with beautiful melodies that can only come from the techno capital Berlin. Check out his releases on Freerange records or the other releases he has on that label … Continue reading