Happy 200k!

I hit 200000 views on this blog on the weekend, time to celebrate eh? Again, I post more UK funky releases, there is something about that genre that no other can quite mimic: lax pads, disperse vocals, twisted basslines and untold atmospheres. That is probably the best way to describe this EP in one sentence. … Continue reading

Computer Graphics – Synthavision

Just found this, voluptuous EP from a prodigious diminutive label based in Washington DC, specializing in bass-heavy opulent tunes ranging from grime to UK garage to fidgety 80s electro house and anything in between. Lately I’ve had a penchant for sensuous and fresh music but this one hits the spot perfectly. From the deep grooves … Continue reading

Bwana – Can’t you just/This is real

“Bwana, a 20 year-old producer hailing from Toronto and currently residing in Leeds first hit our radar with his Ciara sampling underground bass hit “Baby, let me finish” and soon after released “Over & done” a 12” EP of classic R&B vocal samples alongside melodic, bass-infused backdrops. We’re excited to present his latest single “Can’t … Continue reading

Deep dub essentials

This is the last post for now about there guys, next week will be something different. This was 24Hour Experience’s last EP even though two more were released under their name after this EP came out. Tell me if you want to hear music from either George Morel, Paul Johnson, Armando, Mood II Swing or … Continue reading

More dub essentials

24Hour Experience’s second EP, much more vocal experiments than with their other EPs. This EP got me into their music in the beginning. For next weeks posts I give you a choice: George Morel, Paul Johnson, Armando, Mood II Swing or DJ Sneak. Comment on this or tomorrow’s post and say what you would like … Continue reading

Dub essentials

UK Garage at its best. These guys just know how to get a deep groove working. These songs are Artist: 24Hour Experience Genre: Garage house Release: 1994 Tracklist: 1. Feeling’s mutual That synth is amazing, works with the bassline perfectly. Relaxed vocals and an even better piano hook come in a little later during the … Continue reading