Tthhee Ppaarrttyy

This is a very nice song by Gaspard, Xavier and Uffie of the French Ed Banger label. This includes the radio edit and the awesome live cut. Tthhee Ppaarrttyy Album Artist: Justice & Uffie Genre: House, electro Release: 2009 Tracklist: Tthhee Ppaarrttyy – Radio edit [right click to download]Ttthhheee Pppaaarrrtttyyy – Live [right click to … Continue reading


Almost better than D.A.N.C.E., if that’s even possible. excellent song from start to finish. Love the line “no need to ask my name to figure out how cool I am.” It’s been said that the British know how to make good rock bands, and the French know how to dance. I think that’s pretty accurate … Continue reading


…you’ll never be alone again! The Justice remix of Simian’s ‘Never be alone again’ is one anthem that belongs on every dance floor! We are your Friends Album Artist: Justice vs. Simian Genre: Electro House Release: 2006 Tracklist: We are your Friends [right click to download] We Are Your Friends – Lee Cabrera’s Lower East … Continue reading


Over a 1/4 of an hour of theatrical opera mayhem, Victorian strings, ethereal church echo, machine prowls, guitar moans & bruising distorted beats! Planisphère Album Artist: Justice Genre: Electro House Tracklist: 1. Planisphere, Part 1 2. Planisphere, Part 2 3. Planisphere, Part 3 4. Planisphere, Part 4: Final Download:

Waters of Nazareth

Here is another tasty treat from the red-hot Ed Banger label. Waters of Nazareth Album Artist: Justice Genre: Electro House Release: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Waters of Nazareth 2. Let there be Light 3. Carpates 4. Waters of Nazareth [Justice Remix] 5. Let there be Light [DJ Funk’s Bounce Dat Ass Remix] 6. Waters of Nazareth … Continue reading


Phantom Album Artist: Justice Release: 2006 Genre: Electro House Tracklist: 1. Phantom 2. Phantom, Part 2 3. Phantom, Part 2 [Boys Noize Remix] 4. Phantom, Part 2 [Soulwax Remix] Download: