Long live the Wetness!

Yet another great but shortlived house artist of the 90’s. United Tastes of Deelat Album Artist: Deelat Genre: French House Release: 1999 Tracklist: 1. G.M.F. 2. Wet Indiez 3. Wetness Anthem Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jgdmzjnqwwn

Waves 2 Minimix

As promised earlier I ended up making a minimix for Crydamoure’s second compilation ‘Waves II’ mixed by Archigram. The mix features all 15 tracks of ‘Waves II’ in under 10 minutes. Enjoy! Waves II Minimix Mixed by: Elektrocity Genre: French House Release: 2010 Tracklist: 1. Rhumba – Le Knight Club 2. Nymphae Song – Le … Continue reading

Bring back more Waves Mix

Bring Back More Waves Mix Mixed by: Elektrocity Genre: French House & Disco Tracklist: 1. 8:08 P.M. @ The Beach – Fred Falke 2. In Flight – Archigram 3. Playground – Crydajam 4. Hysteria – Le Knight Club 5. Coral Twist – Le Knight Club 6. Miracles – Change 7. Revolution 909 [Acapella] – Daft … Continue reading

Waves Minimix

I loved Crydamoure’s Waves the minute I started listening to it and I decided to make a minimix of the compilation. All 23 tracks in under 20 minutes. Waves Minimix Mixed by: Elektrocity Genre: French House Tracklist: 1. Music Box – The Buffalo Bunch 2. Intergalactik Disko [DJ Sneak’s Version] – DJ Sneak vs. Le … Continue reading

Wrath of Zeus/Wet Indiez

Wrath of Zeus/Wet Indiez Album Artist: The Eternals/Deelat Release: 2002 Genre: French House Tracklist: 1. Wrath of Zeus [Original Mix] 2. Wet Indiez [Shake Dat Borrelet Mix] Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?uxoyi2mzonz

Big Crydamoure post coming up soon

Do you love Crydamoure as much as I do? If yes keep watching this space as there will be lots of music here soon.