I’ll Keep On Lovin’ You

Walter Jones is a relatively new producer on everyone’s favourite New York based label DFA. Mellow synths, long melodies, simple synth bass lines, heavy yet slow kicks and hollow vocals combine to make some very sensual music. dl

Kitsuné × The Cobrasnake

Hello. As mentioned, I am the newest writer here at theworldisdaft. My pseudonym is glass. This first post doesn’t have any grand significance. However, it follows a rule I’ll have for all posted music: I like it. ~ glass The following is a cooperation between the familiar Kitsuné label of Paris/Tokyo and Los Angeles’ Cobrasnake. … Continue reading

Hardsteppin Disko Selection

This EP is a definite clubbanger. If you see it anywhere, get your hands on it! Hardsteppin Disko Selection Album Artist: DJ Sneak & Armand van Helden Genre: House Release: 1996 Tracklist: Psychic Bounty Killaz [right click to download]Futuristic Cipher [right click to download]Junglist Steelo’s [right click to download]

Danse Avec Les Loops

If you went to club that play this kind of music you will get a feeling of instant recognition when you listen to this EP for the first time. This is funky disco house at its best. ‘Bells compressor’ and ‘Get away’ are the stand-out tracks on this EP. Danse Avec Les Loops Album Artist: … Continue reading

Knightlife II

Some time ago I posted the Knightlife I EP and said I was going to post the other one withing the week. Well, I lied. It took me more than a month to post it but now you have it here. Knightlife II Album Artist: Knightlife Genre: Filter, disco house Release: 2009 Tracklist: Crusader [right … Continue reading

Frenchly filtered disco house

Some time ago I posted the cool edition of the Club-a-Club label. Well today you are going to get the warm edition of funky filtered disco house. Enjoy! Warm edition Album Artist: Club-a-Club Genre: Filtered disco house Release: 2009 Tracklist: Spermstars – Lovin’ slut [right click to download]DJ EQ – Got feelin’ [right click to … Continue reading

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it….

This song is about different basic computer functions. Along with the original you get the radio edit as well as three (3) remixes by Vitalic, Basement Jaxx and the Peaches. The first two (2) are the better of them as the Peaches remix is just a really poor attempt at a remix. Technologic Album Artist: … Continue reading

Some Leonardus for you

Reviving the French filter house scene is Leonardus! In the Poll acid house got removed. Only 5 styles left. Album Artist: Leonardus Genre: Filter/Disco House Distant lovers – Leonardus Remix [right click to download]Love Thing [right click to download]Womanizer [right click to download]Twist [right click to download]Get you, Baby [right click to download]My Love [right … Continue reading

Knightlife I

Writing this from Singapore airport. Knightlife is Mike Gamwell, an Australian disco house producer. Knightlife I Album Artist: Knightlife Genre: Disco House Release: 2007 Tracklist: Ambopop [right click to download] All Systems [right click to download]


This poll will run until the May 14, after that I will look at the results and post accordingly. Each week I will remove the style with the lowest score to spice up the competition. So get voting!