Happy 200k!

I hit 200000 views on this blog on the weekend, time to celebrate eh? Again, I post more UK funky releases, there is something about that genre that no other can quite mimic: lax pads, disperse vocals, twisted basslines and untold atmospheres. That is probably the best way to describe this EP in one sentence. … Continue reading

200th post

As you read in the title this is my 200th post on this blog. This post is jam-filled with ear pounding goodies from the mad Russian Mako crew aka Proxy, Polymorphic and Marseille. There are other remixes on the digital release by Les Petits Pilous and Crookers but they suck in comparison to these remixes. … Continue reading


Another russian producer that has a similar style like Proxy. Driving basslines and hard hitting beats are just the beginning. Not much else to say about this release, if you like Proxy listen to this! UFO Attack Album Artist: Marseille Genre: House, electro Release: 2010 Tracklist: 1. UFO attack 2. Over my soul 3. Goodbye … Continue reading