Time to post some Stardust again! This time its the remixes of ‘Music sounds better with you’. Enjoy! Music Sounds better with you Remixes Album Artist: Stardust Genre: French house Release: 1998 Tracklist: Music Sounds Better With You – DJ Dupré Rework Mix [right click to download]Music Sounds Better With You – Bibi & Dim’s … Continue reading

I’ve got so much love to give

So Much Love to Give Album Artist: Together Genre: French Hous Release: 2002 Tracklist: So much love to give [right click to download] Sample: The Real Thing – Love’s Such A Wonderful Thing [right click to download]

A time has come to make a decision

Are we in this thing alone or are we in it together? Together are Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon, this track was released on the french house label Roulé on a single-sided EP. Sadly it never got around to be released internationally as it would have gained a lot of attention. Gospel style vocals, funky … Continue reading

Roy Davis Jr. does it again!

Roy Davis Jr.’s first release on Roulé. Check out the “Start-Stop” mix – totally epitomizes what made Roulé such an amazing and ground-breaking label. I have yet to hear another track like this. If you could get past having that crazy intro play tricks with your mind while guessing at whether or not the first … Continue reading

Hello my name is DJ Falcon

Stéphane Quême first release on Roulé. Every track on this EP is different giving you fresh new material for your ears. Hello my Name is Dj Falcon Album Artist: Dj Falcon Release: 1999 Genre: French House Tracklist: 1. First 2. Honeymoon 3. B1 4. Unplugged Download:


Braxe’s first major hit, “Vertigo” came out on Roulé in 1997. It was a hit in large part thanks to the “Virgo Edit” of the song, which was co-produced with Thomas Bangalter. Vertigo Album Artist: Alan Braxe Release: 1997 Genre: French House Tracklist: 1. Vertigo 2. Vertigo [Thomas Bangalter’s Virgo Edit] Download:

Thomas Bangalter

No need for a big intro so I’m cutting straight to the chase. Enjoy! Spinal Scratch 1. Spinal Scratch 2. Spinal Beats _________________________________________________________________________________ Trax on da Rocks 1. On da Rocks 2. Roulé Boulé 3. What to do 4. Outrun 5. Ventura _________________________________________________________________________________ Trax on da Rocks, Volume 2 1. Club Soda 2. Extra Dry … Continue reading

It’s Best of Roulé!

I stumbled upon Thomas Bangalter’s music by accident but since that day I fell in love with it. So here is a Best Of from the french record label Roulé which as you all know Bangalter created himself. Enjoy! Album Artist: Thomas Bangalter Release: Unofficial Genre: French House Tracklisting: 1. Call on Me[Fine Touch Mix] … Continue reading