Update :D

Hello, in case you are wondering why I haven’t posted in the last couple of weeks, it’s because I’m testing out some new ways of posting music I like and would love to share with you. Almost all posts on here are about music from the past that I liked but there is rarely anything … Continue reading

Good news everyone!

I managed to get my computer fixed and it seems all the data and programs I use to keep this blog running are fine. I will run some checks and see if I have everything I need to start posting music again. I will be back soon with a post about music. (I hope)

Another update

As my computer where all my music and blogging tools were on was damaged in the earthquake (I hope everything is still on the hard drive), I will not be posting any music until I get it fixed again which may take some time.


Hello dear readers, you will not get any posts this week and maybe part next week as there has again been a big earthquake in Christchurch.

2010 in review

Here are the contents of a handy little email the guys from WordPress sent me a couple of days ago about what’s going on behind the scenes of this blog: The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health: … Continue reading

Friday’s post

Today one year ago I made the first post on this blog, I will also announce the new writer for this blog today. During November I asked you if you are interested in joining this blog to write posts for it. You all had a chance to send me emails explaining why you would like … Continue reading

Just if you were wondering…

I am taking a little holiday and won’t be writing anything here until the weekend. The mixtape of May is out and available to download on the sidebar to your right.


This poll will run until the May 14, after that I will look at the results and post accordingly. Each week I will remove the style with the lowest score to spice up the competition. So get voting!


All my mixtapes are now available to download on Fairtilizer. Bring back the Waves Mix Bring back more Waves Mix Electro Mix Waves Minimix Deep House Mix