One of my favourite release of the French Institubes (R.I.P.) label. Sadly it went under just a couple of weeks ago. The Marble label was then set up to cater for the artists signed to it. Check out Das Glow & Strip Steve’s ‘Clacium’ release on BNR Trax for some seriously head-banging techno. This release … Continue reading

Ross Ross Ross

Hehehe… Artist: SebastiAn Genre: Electro house, glitch, disco Release: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Ross Ross Ross The middle ground between the other two tracks. Glitch, yet it has a distinct rhythm to it. 2. Head/off Super glitchy track with short guitar riffs cut into it. At the end a nice melody comes into it and makes … Continue reading

Elephants are the only other animals that can stand on their head…

This is the old sound of Mr. Oizo: electro influenced hip-hop beats with experimental synths. It’s a shame that he doesn’t produce this kind of music anymore, but then again his newer stuff is more club friendly. You could never really tell what is coming next from all the songs on his first album. This … Continue reading

Prime time of your life

Here is the last single from the ‘Human after all’ album by Thomas and Guy-Manuel. The original song should be well known to everyone especially if you have heard the awesome Alive 2007 version. The Para One remix add a bit of glitchyness to it. The Erol Alkan and Digitalism add with their remixes their … Continue reading


Nazis is great for bringing glitch to the dancefloor for glitch fans this is a miracle. The Justice remix has the Justice trademark sound to it and if Oizo’s samples weren’t used this could be a track by Xavier and Garpard. Halfanedit is a great remix of Half A Scissor from the Moustache album. Nazis … Continue reading